Mr. Navarra’s Favorite Things

First Name: John
Last Name: Navarra
Birthday: April 5th
Allergies or Dietary Restrictions: none
Favorite Color: yellow/green/brown mix……think Van Gogh
Favorite Snacks: cheese – goat, sheep, cow
Favorite Candy: torrone italian
Favorite Soda or Drink: arnold palmer
Favorite Coffee or Tea: lapsang souchong smoked tea
Favorite Sweet Treat: turkish delight
Favorite Flower: iris
Favorite Hobbies: drawing, drumming, and reading
Favorite Restaurants: Thai basil sushi zen, maggianos
Favorite Baked Goods: sea salt chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Place(s) to Shop: amazon and barnes and noble
Movies?: Yes
Candles?: No
Lotions?: No
Favorite Scents: smoked salmon
Is there anything else we should know?

I’m a little boy trapped inside a man
Is there anything you would prefer not to receive or already have enough of?

mugs, mugs, and mugs