Mrs. Bagley’s Favorites

First Name: Lydia

Last Name: Bagley

Birthday: July 18th

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions: None

Favorite Color: Black (mixed with all colors)

Favorite Snacks: popcorn – snack mix

Favorite Candy: Reese’s Pieces

Favorite Soda or Drink: Water / Unsweet tea (no soda)

Favorite Coffee or Tea: Love Coffee (Regular and Flavored)

Favorite Sweet Treat: Ice Cream

Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, decorating, reading , outdoor activities

Favorite Restaurants: All – Love food!

Favorite Baked Goods: Cookie – Peanut Butter

Favorite Place(s) to Shop: I am not picky – Love shopping! Personal and Home Decor

Movies? Yes

Candles? Yes

Lotions? Yes

Favorite Scents: Light fresh scents (Holiday sents)

Is there anything you would prefer not to receive or already have enough of?

Coffee mugs – tote bags