Bylaw Amendment


Frey ES PTSA intends to amend our bylaws. The vote will be held on October 4th at our 2nd general membership meeting.

We intend to increase our membership dues, as specified in Article V, Section 7, by $3 to be a total of $10 per membership.



Article V Section 7

129 Section 7. Each member of this local PTA/PTSA shall pay annual dues of $7.00 to said association. The amount of such annual
130 dues shall include the portion payable to the Georgia PTA and the portion payable to the National PTA.

Bylaws for Frey Elementary District 9 Tom Mathis Sr Council



Our current membership dues are $7.

Of that $7, only $3.75 remains at Frey.

Per Article V Section 5 & Section 8:

127 #Section 5. The national portion of each member’s dues shall be two dollars, twenty five cents ($2.25) per annum.
128 #Section 6. The Georgia PTA portion of each member’s dues shall be one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per annum.

The money left at Frey does no go very far after we purchase envelopes, print our membership cards, and comply with PTA rules regarding membership dues and the paying thereof.

By increasing our memberships to $10 we will keep $6.75. This will go a long way toward covering our membership costs and supporting our PTSA events and grants.



The vote will be on October 4th at 6:30 PM. We have to post this notice 30 days prior to the vote. We have posted this on August 9th, so we are well within the specified window.

The increase in the cost of a membership would not increase until the 2019-20 school year.



The vote will be held in the school cafeteria before the 5th-grade performance.



Any PTSA member can cast their vote for or against the amendment at the meeting on October 4th.