It takes a small army to make Frey Spark a success. We try to give every parent an opportunity to be a foot soldier in our army of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in our community, please email the designated committee chair and let them know! If there is not a committee chair or you would like to be a committee chair, then email Committee time commitment varies from a couple hours in a year to several hours each week, but it is up to you how much time you give.

If you want to know who is currently on the Spark Executive Board, Click Here


Commit time throughout the year to attend events and take pictures.

As part of our yearbook committee, you will help organize, sell, collect, and distribute yearbooks. If you love photography then we’d love you to share your pictures with us. There are various events during the year at school that we’d love to include in the yearbook, so to ensure each grade and event receive equal coverage in the yearbook, we ask for anyone with the ability to take high-resolution images to share them with us. Order a yearbook at

Share Your Pictures On with school code 18885.

Committee Chair: Nicole Hamilton,


Minimal to Considerable time commitment throughout the year

Responsibilities will entail organizing and hosting special events at the school. Such events include Back-to-School Staff Luncheon, Conference Week, Staff Appreciation Week, etc. Some volunteers, especially the committee chair, will need to commit time to plan and organize events. While this committee will require a lot of attention, it is in weekly doses throughout the year. This includes finding vendors, organizing volunteers, and promoting events. Committee members can commit minimal to moderate amounts of time to volunteering at the events.
Committee Chairs: Alicia Chatman & Jennifer Hensel,


Minimal time commitment

This position works to maintain relationships with our current Partners in Education, as well to solicit new ones to work with. A major part of this position is the “Box Tops for Education”. You will organize “Box Top Drives” throughout the school year, where you will be in charge of collecting, counting and processing the Box tops submission.

Committee Chairs: Allison Endicott,


Minimal to moderate time commitment throughout the year

Organize family involvement nights throughout the school year. Advertise for such events like Bingo or Outdoor Movie Night etc. Responsibilities will include ordering and picking up any supplies, prizes, & food. Also, you’ll need to coordinate with volunteers to help at events & and you’ll have the opportunity to come up with new ideas / ways to engage parents, students & teachers for events.

Work is spread throughout 4 different events during the year. The time committed to the committee is dependent on the time you have available to volunteer and the level of effort & detail you want to give to each event.

Committee Chair: Darniele Scarpinato & Allison Endicott,


Minimal to moderate time commitment

Help coordinate & establish Spirit Nights with local businesses in the area. Reference current Frey “Calendar of Events” to ensure scheduling does not conflict with other school events.

Committee Chair: Allison Endicott,


Moderate time commitment during the month of February and March.

As a member of the science fair committee, you will be able to help organize, promote, and run the science fair, which takes place in February. Encouraging students to participate in the event will be part of your responsibilities during the month leading up to the science fair. You will need to help parents complete the registration form on time and ensure that the projects meet the standards.

Committee Chair: Stacy Melton,


Moderate time commitment during March and April.

Help plan, decorate, clean-up, & work during the school dance. In addition, you’ll be asked to promote the event during the weeks leading up to the dance. You will also order all supplies needed & find vendors to help support the dance. Super FUN!

Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN,


Considerable time commitment in September and October

This is a lot of work in the fall but is also a lot of fun! You’ll help coordinate the silent auction baskets, vendors, suppliers, and workers for the event. The festival needs many volunteers to make it a success! In the time leading up to the festival, you’ll help promote the event, encourage families to purchase tickets and work with room moms to deliver the silent auction items and pumpkins.

Committee Chairs: Jamie Beatty & Nicole Hamilton,


Moderate time commitment throughout the year

Every teacher needs a super awesome room parent to coordinate with parents. As the room parent coordinator, you are essentially the Room Parent “Parent”. You will work closely with all Room Parents to help give direction & coordinate with them on all Spark functions and events that they will help with. (ie.– Fall Festival Baskets, Cake Walk donations, Staff Appreciation Week activities, etc.)

Committee Chair: Stacy Englund,


Commit time throughout the school year

Exceptional Children’s Committee recognizes that all children are exceptional in their own way. This committee coordinates with PTSA and school admin to promote awareness & ensure all school events/activities are inclusive & accommodating/accessible to every student.

Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN,

 Karen Lewis chaired our Exceptional Childrens Committee for the past 5 years. Her amazing efforts resulted in a culture of support & acceptance and a sensory room designed to serve the whole community. Her imprint on Frey will be long-lasting and we are so appreciative to her commitment. Thank you, Karen!


Minimal time commitment

Father’s Being Involved is designed to give fathers and father figures of our students an opportunity to make a positive presence by engaging in school and community programs. Some of the F.B.I. duties include car Line Greeter and “Security” for PTSA events like our spring dance. You may be asked to volunteer to drive and pick up supplies for events and move large objects to set up for events.

Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN,


Moderate time commitment in October

When you volunteer on the reflections committee, you can help coordinate, advertise & work this contest that promotes the arts in education. Moderate time will be needed to assist with entry forms & contest during the month of October. Help spark student & teacher interest in subjects such as Dance Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Visual Arts

Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN,


Moderate time commitment throughout the year

This position will work closely with the Executive Board throughout the year. Duties will include processing all memberships and issuing membership cards, as well as keeping a detailed & up-to-date spreadsheet of all current members. Your additional responsibilities will include creating ways to increase our membership, encourage participation, and find ways to reward members that participate and volunteer.

Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN,


Moderate time commitment throughout the year

This committee will plan approximately 4 to 6 celebrations throughout the year for the different “House” Competition winners, such as quarterly and year-end celebrations. The amount of time you commit to this committee is up to you and depends on the level of detail and planning that you want to put into your celebrations. GOOOO Amistad, Altruismo, Dalayo, Isibindi, Reveur & Sabio!!!

Committee Chair: Lauren Sholders,


Moderate time commitment throughout the year

This position is ongoing throughout the school year & requires additional volunteer positions. The committee helps place Spirit Wear orders, keep a detailed account of all inventory, and sells Spirit Wear at various PTSA events.

Committee Chair: Niki Neese,


Moderate to Considerable time commitment in January and February

This committee takes a lot of planning and coordination, but is also very rewarding and fun! As a member of the committee, you will have the opportunity to help plan and execute the different events that happen throughout the week. In the week before our Staff Appreciation Week, you will help prepare and hang decorations. The chair of this committee will have the opportunity to select a theme and decide on the daily “specials”. In 2017, Monday was bring a card either homemade or store bought; Tuesday was lunch provided; Wednesday was “bring a flower” either homegrown, store-bought, or handmade; Thursday was bring a special treat and Friday was help re-stock the school supplies.

Committee Chair: Kelly Adams,


Moderate time commitment throughout the year

As a member of the garden committee, you will be able to help maintain Frey’s green spaces. You will help to plan and execute our community garden, weed, and water existing gardens, and help ASP students learn how to garden. In addition to these responsibilities, you will be able to help research, plan, and build a greenhouse on Frey’s campus.

Committee Chair: Allison Endicott,


Moderate time commitment in November & December

Our Holiday Shop has quickly become a favorite for parents and students. Running the shop involves purchasing items, pricing them, decorating & setting up the shoppe, and helping to run & promote the shoppe.

Committee Chair: Jamie King