Frey Science Fair

Frey Science Fair 2019

Frey Science Fair

TBD 2019

The Elementary Science Fair is a wonderful way for elementary-aged students to participate in and experience a scientific project. Each science fair project must consist of a student-led scientific investigation (following accepted scientific methods). Six top-place science fair winners from each school will be accepted to the Cobb-Paulding District Science Fair. Science fair coordinators at each school will inform winning students or student groups about their participation in the district science fair.


Science Kids


Deadline: TBD

Event Schedule: TBD

Frey’s Requirements

Students will need to turn in:

  • A well-made display board that creatively illustrates the question being answered, the hypothesis being tested, the steps and results of the experiment, a conclusion drawn from an analysis, and something to illustrate what was learned from the experiment and project.
  • Well documented Logbook / Journal that has all of the steps of the experiment in detail.
  • A research journal or book

Tips For Successful Projects

  • Use colorful charts and graphs to illustrate your research and experiment
  • Select a topic that will result in new insights into a topic

*NOTE: Models of the solar system and volcanos cannot be accepted without an accompanying experiment*

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