Executive Board


Allison Endicott


Vice President

Niki Neese


Vice President

Nicole Hamilton



Jentry Theiss



Dawn Sontheimer


About the Executive Board

The executive board meets monthly as specified in the bylaws. The executive board meets no less than two weeks prior to each association meeting so that members receive advance written notice of recommendations to be considered at the association meeting. None of its the board’s acts shall conflict with action taken by the association.

Executive board meetings and minutes are confidential and attendance is limited to those individuals specifically listed in the bylaws. The president may grant a courtesy seat to a guest for the purpose of bringing information to be shared with the group. Guests do not participate in discussion or voting and should leave the meeting after the information is relayed.

A summary of actions taken by the executive board must be reported to the association at the next association meeting and usually requires further approval or ratification by the association. Actions requiring association approval are stated in the bylaws.