Mrs. Asher’s Favorites

First Name: Dina

Last Name: Asher

Birthday: July 13

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions: Yes…
I mostly eat a “Paleo” diet which means BORING!
fruits, veggies, chicken, and Diet Coke!

Favorite Color: pink?

Favorite Snacks: fruits, veggies, Cliff bars

Favorite Candy: Twizzlers, chocolate

Favorite Soda or Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Coffee or Tea: N/A

Favorite Sweet Treat: I love them all! chocolate, banana pudding, apple pie…

Favorite Flower: Tulips

Favorite Hobbies: work out, swim, walk, travel with Swim Across America (I volunteer for this non-profit group)

Favorite Restaurants: Mexican

Favorite Baked Goods: ALL of it!!

Favorite Place(s) to Shop: Target, Amazon, Nordstroms (??) LOL

Movies?  yes

Candles? no

Lotions? no

Favorite Scents: none…

Is there anything else we should know?

Is there anything you would prefer not to receive or already have enough of?

I don’t drink coffee

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