Mrs. Willes’ Favorite Things

First Name: Katie

Last Name: Willes

Birthday: February 23

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions:  None

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Snacks: Chips, crackers, oats & honey and cinnamon oat Kind granola bars

Favorite Candy:  Caramel & chocolate, sour gummies

Favorite Soda or Drink: Mountain Dew… It’s so good, yet so bad…

Favorite Coffee or Tea:  N/A

Favorite Sweet Treat: baked goods, candy, or soda. I can’t decide.

Favorite Flower: All!

Favorite Hobbies:  Reading, writing, video games, crossfit, napping!

Favorite Restaurants:  Taco Bell, Carrabba’s, Volcano, Starbucks

Favorite Baked Goods:  Donuts

Favorite Place(s) to Shop: Target, Publix, Home Depot, Amazon, Teacherspayteachers, School Box

Movies? Yes

Candles? Yes

Lotions?  Yes

Favorite Scents:  Fruity, pine, clean, spicy, flowery

Is there anything you would prefer not to receive or already have enough of?

I have plenty of coffee mugs and water bottles. 🙂