Reflections Art Board Drawing

To promote our Reflections program this year we are raffling off 12 art boards to students that want to participate in the 2D visual arts category. Works on art boards and canvass typically place higher as they have a more finished appearance. I believe this will give Frey Students a leg-up in the council and state judging.
The one and only rule regarding these artboards are that winners agree to submit their work to the Reflections program.
To enter, students should sketch out an idea for what they would do for the theme “Heroes Around Me” and write their full name, grade, and teacher on the paper. Submissions without an accompanying sketch will not be accepted.
These can be turned into the PTSA dropbox (outside the counselor’s suite) or submitted to your student’s teacher.
We will draw 12 winners at random and distribute the boards at our reflections workshop on the 19th (or the following day if students cannot attend).
The drawing will take place the morning of the 19th and be broadcast on the morning announcements.
Please encourage your students to take the weekend to brainstorm ideas about “Heroes Around Me” and sketch out a concept that could be painted. 
All submissions are due by the afternoon of the 18th to be guaranteed entry into the drawing. Please contact Allison with any questions.