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This page is intended to provide our room parents with copy & paste templates, electronic tools, and other supplementary resources. If you have not recieved a Room Parent Survival Guide, then you can download the PDF below:


Example Letter to Parents

Here is an example letter of introduction and we encourage you to customize this to your personality and classroom needs.

Hi, [teacher name] families! 

We’re asking for a donation of $[$$] per family to cover all class expenses for the year, excluding only perhaps a small donation of a food item at some point.  This money will go toward supplies for our holiday party in December, class gifts for [teacher name], creating our class Fall Festival basket and pumpkin, {fall crafts if you’re in the lower grades}, and treats for the kids throughout the year.  If you cannot donate $20, we would appreciate any amount you feel is comfortable for your family.  An envelope will come home with your child tomorrow.  If you could send in your money by [set a date], we will get started on our Fall Festival projects!  You may send cash or make checks payable to [payable to?].

This year, Fall Festival will be Friday, October 6th.  Each class is responsible for creating a basket that will be sold that night at the Silent Auction to benefit the school.  If you have a business, it’s a great marketing opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation of a service or product.  In years past, parents and businesses have donated landscape design services, horseback riding lessons, restaurant gift cards, free oil changes, sports tickets, you name it!  If you have a business, or know of a business who would like to donate, please contact us as soon as possible.  Each class must also submit a decorated pumpkin (must not be real) to be auctioned off at Fall Festival.  If you have any creative ideas, or would like to take on the pumpkin, please let me know! Finally, as FF approaches, I will ask for 3 donations for the cake walk and 2 bags of candy for prizes.  You can let me know if that’s more your speed. ☺

We are looking forward to a great [grade] year!

Thank you,  [your name]

[your email], [your phone, if comfortable sharing][texts ok?]

P.S. Please respond to this email so that I know you received it.

Need Volunteers?

Volunteer Interest Form
Volunteer Interest Form

Download the Calendar

Calendar ICS


Conference Week, Red Ribbon Week, Career Week & the STEM Can Drive – EARLY RELEASE 12:30 PM

October 15th – 19th

CAREER WEEK: You may need to solicit parents to come in and speak with your class or another class about their career. Different age groups are learning different things and the school tries to tie career week into the curriculum.

RED RIBBON WEEK: The National Family Partnership provides drug awareness by sponsoring the annual National Red Ribbon Campaign™. Their mission is to lead and support our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth.

CONFERENCE WEEK: Your teacher should schedule parents for conferences during this week. The PTSA Hospitality Committee takes care of the teachers this week, but you will need to solicit parents for some donations on behalf of the PTSA.

STEM CAN DRIVE: Students will be asked to bring in cans for an engineering project on Friday, October 19th. Each class will be judged on their display. The winning class will receive a pizza party. These cans will then be donated to the Center for Family Resources’ Thanks for Giving Campaign. Encourage parents to donate cans in your weekly newsletter.

Outdoor Family Movie Night

Friday, October 19th

Room parents won’t have anything to do on this night except show up and enjoy a great movie with the kids!

Frey Day on a Saturday

Saturday, October 27th

Parents will be invited to participate in Frey’s annual Frey Day on a Saturday. Activities will include spreading mulch, pulling weeds, cleaning up Frey’s nature trails, and helping with other tasks to maintain Frey’s outdoor areas.  

Fall Festival 


Friday, November 2nd 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Each class is responsible for creating 1 basket and decorating 1 item of holiday décor, such as a pumpkin or wreath, for our silent auction. These are some of the BIGGEST fundraisers for Frey each year. If you would like examples of past baskets or decorations please contact Andrea Conrad or Jamie Beatty at

Silent Auction Basket
  • Please send an itemized list of the basket, the value of the basket and the value/type of the gift certificate or gift cards, in addition to labeling the basket by grade and teacher

Fall Festival – Excel Workbook

  • If your basket has gift cards/certificates we ask that those be turned into a PTSA board member (in the PTSA Room) for security reasons and that you place a mock certificate in the basket with the instructions that they will be contacted by the PTSA to claim their prize.
  • Gift Cards/Certificates should be in an envelope with your printed Gift Certificate / Gift Card Worksheet which can be found on page 11
Holiday Decor Donation
Fall Festival Decoration Donation Ideas
Fall Festival Decoration Donation Ideas
  • If you are submitting a pumpkin, it should NOT be real, as they will not hold up well.
  • The decor items should be decorative as these are the most likely to sell.
  • Please attach your printed Holiday Decoration Worksheet  –  with the value of the decoration. The worksheet will also print a tag with the grade and teacher, which should be attached to your holiday decor.

Fall Festival – Excel Workbook

BE CREATIVE you can always make your own!

Cake Walk – Sweet Treats

  • Each class is asked to provide 3 non-refrigerated sweet treats on a disposable plate for the cake walk. Cakes are obviously welcomed, but brownies, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, and anything yummy can be donated. We ask that sweet treats have about 6 servings each. ***Homemade goodies need to be labeled with a list of ingredients. Simply attach a label or note card with the list (recipe not necessary).***

PINTEREST HACK: Cut the side of a cereal box off and wrap it with aluminum foil to make a quick disposable tray for cupcakes! Use washi tape to make it cute!


Silent Auction Baskets, Fall Décor, & Candy Due: TBD

You will be able to drop off these items between 7:15 AM and 11:15 AM in the Media Center.

If you do not see Andrea or Jamie in the Media Center, please go to the PTSA room to let them know you have turned your items in. They will check in your items and lock up anything of value.

Sweet Treats Due: TBD

Please send in your sweet treats on Thursday so that we can get an idea of how much we will have for Friday. Treats can be delivered any time before 1:30 PM in the PTSA Room.  

Please double check that everything is labeled with grade, teacher, and ingredients if it is homemade.  Feel free to send treats with your child if he or she can carry it.

Volunteer for the Festival!

Please contact Andrea or Jamie if you are able to help at the Fall Festival. We will need parents at the entrance to the school greeting parents, working the cake walk and concessions, and overseeing the silent auction/raffle.

F.B.I. – Bouncers Wanted – We’ll need Dads on Duty to help with the bounce houses and crowd control. Reach out specifically to the dads in your class to see if you can get them to help run the festival!


Deadline for Submission: October 2nd at 8:00 AM

Frey Ceremony: October 9th at 6:30 PM

Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, & Visual Arts

The 2018-2019 theme “Heroes Around Me” will spark imagination and creativity in school and at home. Encourage your school to imagine, create and celebrate with Reflections during National Arts & Humanities Month this October.

The Reflections Arts Recognition Program is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students. Since 1969, over 10 million students across the nation have taken part in this popular PTA program.

That’s why the Reflections Program provides an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to:

  • Unleash their creative talents and be inspired
  • Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork
  • Experience the joy and fun of making art
  • Tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme
  • Receive positive recognition for their original works of art

As an added bonus, in showcasing and celebrating student talent, the Reflections Program increases community awareness of the importance of the arts in education.

As a room parent, you should be a cheerleader for parents to help their students get involved! Some parents may have questions about what the program is or what the rules are. Parents can reach out to to get all of their questions answered.

The Georgia PTA posts Reflections forms, deadlines, and entry requirements on their website,

You can also check out Frey’s Reflection Page

Thanksgiving Feast

November 13th – 15th

Families will be invited to Frey’s annual Thanksgiving Feast November. Your teacher will be informed of the time their class will be attending the feast and you will need to distribute that information to the parents.











Decorate the Cafeteria for the Feast

2nd & 5th Grade


Reset Decorations

1st & 3rd Grade


Reset Decorations

K & 4th Grade




We are trying something new in 2018-19. Based on a survey of our teachers we found that a majority of them would prefer that we spread staff appreciation out over the whole year rather than going all-out in a single week. Since it’s all about the teachers and staff, we took them up on this suggestion. We still want to give our teachers lots of love, so we are going to encourage parents to do special things in specific months rather than on a single day a week.

As you plan this, please remember that this is all about appreciating teachers, administrators, and all of the people that help make Frey an awesome school – day in and day out. Everything that you do this week should be in the spirit of appreciation. You can refer to the Favorite Things sheet from your teacher as well. For any and all of these acts of appreciation, encourage parents to send items for staff members, too. The custodians, school nurse, office staff, and specialists all deserve some appreciation.

PTSA provided Rainforest Café Cart

We will have a cart that goes to teachers’ classrooms and staff offices throughout the year. These carts will be full of treats and cold drinks for the teachers and staff to enjoy. We will be asking for donations and help throughout the year.

SEPTEMBER 11th: Notes of Appreciation

Students are asked to write notes to their teachers that will be displayed in the hallway. Your class will also be assigned additional staff members to write notes of appreciation for – i.e. custodians, lunch monitors, office staff, administrators, etc.

We will offer die-cut shapes for students to write on or you can be as creative or as simplistic as you want. We do not want to infringe on class time, so encourage the students to take home 2-3 shout outs to complete and return to the school by the deadline. Once you have all the note back, you’ll hang the finished shapes in the hallway on your teacher’s assigned space.

OCTOBER 24th: Cards of Thanks

Ask all students to buy or make their teacher a thoughtful card. You could make a giant card from all of the students or encourage each student to bring in their own card. Store bought or homemade, physical or digital, whatever you want to do – go for it!

DECEMBER 4th: Supply Restock

By this time of year, teachers know what supplies they didn’t get enough of or need for upcoming activities. Find out what supplies your teacher is in need of and try to get some for them. You could even make them a “Supplies Gift Basket” by asking for supply donations from other parents in your class.

FEBRUARY 5th: Sweet Treats

You or the students can bring your teacher’s favorite sweet, dessert, or candy. These treats can be homemade or store bought – just so long as your teachers enjoys it! Share your “Teacher’s Favorite” list with the class so everyone can send in his or her favorite treats.

MARCH 20th: Bring Flowers

Either purchase a grand bouquet or ask all students to bring their teacher a flower- real or homemade, live or silk, whatever he or she likes. If you have a male teacher, then you may want to ask him if he would prefer something different, such as a fruit basket.

MAY 7th: Lunch on Us!

This is the national Teacher Appreciation Day. To show your appreciation, bring your teacher a yummy lunch. You can work with your fellow room moms to host a lunch buffet for the whole grade or you could provide a personalized lunch just for your teacher. PTSA will make sure the rest of the staff gets a good lunch, too.  

Science Fair – January 24th 6:30 PM

The Elementary Science Fair is a wonderful way for K5 students to participate in and experience a scientific project.  Each science fair project must consist of a student-led scientific investigation (following accepted scientific methods). The top-place science fair winners from 3rd-5th will move on to the Cobb-Paulding District Science Fair.

We will have an informational session on November 8th 6:30 PM for parents and students that are interested in participating. This session will include a how-to booklet to help presenters create great projects that will qualify for the next level.

Learn more at or

Frey Foundation: STEMtastic Campaign

March 11th – 22nd

This campaign benefits the Frey Foundation, which is separate from the PTSA. The Frey Foundation has been able to provide Frey Elementary with:

  • STEM Lab and supplies
  • STEM Family Night
  • Four mobile iPad carts and 1 Mobile Computing Laptop Cart
  • 40 iPads and 25 Dell Laptops for checkout
  • In-house Science field trips for all grade levels
  • Educational Software for K-2 (Education City) and 3-5 (Study Island)
  • Thanksgiving meals for Frey families in need
  • Professional Development

To learn more go to

During the STEMtastic Campaign parents will be asked to send in money and students will be rewarded for reaching out to businesses and the community for donations.

Exceptional Children’s Week

April 22nd – 26th

During this week we will ask the parents to contribute what they can to Frey’s Sensory Room and Tranquility Space. Our goal is to provide a specifically designed environment using the latest technology to help students assimilate and be more productive during school hours.Children that have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), may be hyper- or hypo- sensitive to sounds, smells, or touch in such a way that certain environments can be painful or traumatic.Frey’s sensory room will also serve students from the general population. When children experience trauma they can exhibit behavioral issues or emotions not conducive to learning. The sensory approach to dealing with trauma promotes self-regulation and teaches children positive ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and mental health symptoms.


The house that raises the most money this week will be invited to Pops with the Cops where they can celebrate with music, popsicles, and lots of fun activities!

Classroom Events – Planning & Promotion

Throughout the year you may need some of these materials to stay organized and communicate upcoming events. The items in red are meant to be replaced and customized to your needs. If you do not want to use these materials, then…  

SPARK Resources

Stacy Englund

Allison Endicott

Online Resources

Busy Kids, Happy Mom

Scheduling Tools

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to schedule meetings or events then Doodle ( is an excellent tool. You’ll be able to compare availability to find the best time for everyone to meet. You can Suggest options – Select things like dates, places, or preferences for your Doodle poll. Then Invite participants to vote – With the invitation, participants can select their preferences. They don’t even need an account. Finally, Select the best option – Once the votes are in, pick the final option for your Doodle poll!

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